Hi, I’m Rebekah,

I’m passionate about a number of things – a great cup of tea, cats, (or any type of fluffy quadruped really,) teaching and dancing a number of different Latin social dances at every possible opportunity, and helping ordinary everyday people just like you to overcome their fears and anxieties in order to regain control of their lives.

Helping people get back into the driving seat of their own lives, and put all of the time and energy that used to be eaten up by things like:
– physical exhaustion,
– lack of sleep,
– never ending loops of ‘what ifs’ and worst case scenarios,
– emotional exhaustion and endless feelings of sorrow, crying, and distress,
– often accompanied by accompanied by gut wrenching, stomach churning, panic-ridden anxious thoughts and feelings,
and instead seeing people use that newfound time and energy to pursue all manner of wonderful hobbies and leisure activities that they enjoy, spend quality time with their loved ones, finding the joy in going to work again, or finally being able to just rest and relax completely safe in the knowledge that they are taking a permanent vacation from their deep-seated anxious thoughts and feelings, is a humbling and truly fulfilling way to spend my time.

Anxiety is a debilitating and invisible force which often wreaks havoc on every part of our lives and the lives of those around us. It’s not something that everyone understands and is definitely not something that everyone sees. Therefore, it is a true privilege to help people eliminate this anxiety and its symptoms from their lives and see them flourish and transform into the person they really are and watch them succeed over and over and over again, finally freed from the burden of their anxiety and able to use all of their time and energy to fully embrace their inner calm, joy, wonder, true sense of self, their curiosity and their courage once more!

I am both completely humbled and utterly filled with awe every time I work with someone to help them unlock the handcuffs of fear and anxiety and grab a one way ticket to a gloriously bright, new, anxiety-free life, which is filled with endless possibility, opportunity and normality!

So, are you ready to step into your anxiety-free life…?

Photo by Marlon Trottmann on Pexels.com

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